About 30lbsbefore30years

Welcome and thanks for reading! I live in Vermont with my fiance and pets. About six years ago, I gained a lot of weight. While attending school full time, working full time, and completing a twenty hour a week internship all at once, I just lost track of things, including myself and my health. At one point I weighed 185 pounds - far too much for my 5'1 height. Two years ago I lost twenty of the pounds for good, and have wavered between 155 and 165 since then. I'm now 27 years old and feel like it's time to stop making excuses. I need to take charge of my health and decided to pledge to lose thirty pounds before I turn 30 in August of 2014. I've started this blog to hold myself accountable and track my progress along the way!

New Beginnings

Well, here I am.  My first blog post.  My story is as similar as anyone’s.  I’ve been reading blogs for about three years now.  I started commenting regularly in the past year or so.  I finally realized that learning about others was intriguing, inspiring, and fun – but what was I learning about myself?

If you have read my about section, you know that I gained some (quite a bit of) weight over the past six years or so.  And you know that I am determined to lose it.

I keep starting this sentence with “my blog…”  The truth is – my blog is nothing.  It is being created right now and I don’t know what I want out of it – I only have an inkling of what I want for myself, and I’m hoping that the blog and any readership I may acquire along the way (hey – that’s you!) will be there with me.

Cheers to new beginnings,